Before this song is over...

The concept of time has always been an obsession for me. I’m definitely a clock watcher. If there’s any sort of time device in the room I’m always aware of it, thinking about it. I’m often in a rush. I like being in a rush because I like having extra time on the other side of whatever I’m rushing towards.

When I wrote (It’s A) Sad Christmas I wanted to grab that obsession and make it the point of the song. Real Time. The events of the song occur while I’m singing it: someone fighting, someone divorcing, a child dying… Kinda the “Every second in America a person, a couple or a child..” thing.

Juxtaposing that against Christian complacency (“I’ve got my Fire Insurance”) proved just the right mix. We live our lives knowing that time is running out for all of us but we waste so much time in line, on line, in traffic, on the phone, watching tv. We card-carrying members of the body of Christ no better than to lose sight of the need for those around us to hear and see the Good News but we do.

I hoped to bring a catch reminder to the table, to trigger a bit of a response to action  and to remind folks that Christmas (the one on December 25 most years) is a symbol of a reverence and celebration Christians should observe daily. And that every day someone within an arm’s length of us (or closer) lives another day without hope, peace, love, forgiveness or salvation thanks to us.

It’s a Sad Christmas

When not everyone can say…

“Merry Christmas everybody!

I’m so thankful this day.”

Stop, drop and roll baby. And tell someone. Tell EVERYONE! Go tell it from the mountain! Don’t hog this glorious truth to yourself! Let your light so shine before men! Go to all the world! Spread the Good News! Do SOMETHING with what God has given you!

Because, by the time you finish reading this blog…

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