Recorded back-to-back-to-back with "Zombies" and "Real Man," this record is my loving homage to the early '70s and great bands like Traffic, Blind Faith, Buffalo Springfield, and The Incredible String Band. I also reference Public Image LTD, disco, punk rock and Andy Warhol. This is one of my favorite records.

When Love Dies ⒸⓅ 2008

Composed, Performed, and Produced By Paisley Yankolovich

Released: February 15, 2008

Recorded By Weston Burnside and Don Maloney.

CD Photo by Gordon Macaw

CD Art: By Paisley Yankolovich


  1. The Answer (6:54)

  2. I’m Sorry (3:59)

  3. 52 Churches (5:20)

  4. When Love Dies (5:49)

  5. Freddy’s Dead (6:38)

  6. The Night Comes (4:43)

  7. You’re So Vain (4:27)

  8. Shouldn’t Hurt II (4:16)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks)

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost

The Posse: Gordon, Weston, Lois, Larry & Naomi, Jerry & Eileen, Denise, Jim, Jennifer, John, Leslie, Rose & Cheryl

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, and Molle

52 CHURCHES is by and for Chuck Freeman who at the end of his life graciously handed me his entire catalogue to use at my discretion. I did not and do not take this honor lightly. Chuck was an exemplary brother in the Lord who devoted his entire life-and talent-to spreading the Gospel. His take-no-prisoners approach (even with me) was startling, challenging, inspiring and saving. I pray to be more like him when I grow up. Thank you, brother. For EVERYTHING.

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