My Father's Day With Caitlyn Jenner

It's All In The Presentation

What On Earth Are They Thinking?

Your Neighbor, The Tranny

The Ultimate Money Sermon

Discrimination Is Anti-Christ


No Approval Needed

Your Belief Systems Suck!

It Is Finished (Isn't God Great?)

Christian Monkeys

Bad Religion

Your Best New Year's Resolution Yet!

The True Meaning Of Christmas

The Gospel Of Us VS Them

Invest In Your Christian Education

Infinite Compassion

Heaven & Earth & The Garden Of Eden

There's Is No Such thing As Traditional Marriage

I've Raised The Dead

On The Death Of My Son

Follow Me

Christianity or Paulianity?

On Pat Robertson & 50 Shades Of Gray

Jesus Is My American Sniper

On "The Normal Heart"

My Latest Scandal

On The Death Of Paul Walker

I'm A Super Hero

The Life & Death Of A Minister

Sing Out!

On The Connecticut School Shooting

Response To Pastor Sean Harris

Why Chuck Norris Needs To Shut Up About Obama

For The Gay Kid Who Works At Chick-Fil-A

Chick -Fil-A, Sarah Palin & More

Speaks In Tongues

My Conversion

Father's Day 2012

About A Boy

Reflections On Easter 2011

Whether It Is Right In The Sight Of God

Money Grubber

Money Sermon

You Shall Receive Power

Children Of The Excess

On Whitney Houston

The New Christmas Song

Is Oprah A Christian?

I Am Spirit Filled

God's Penis


The Centurian's Slave

The Company You Are

Penis Envy In The Bible?

Hate Or Revelation

Christian Know-It-Alls

Healing Massage

Demons Sermon

Hanukkah Sermon

I'm Gay

Spilling Of Seed

Valentines Day Sermon

Jesus Was Baptized

Why Was Jesus Crying?

The Fake Rapture

I Am Representing

Christians Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

TV, Movies, Rock n Roll & Christmas

Adam & Eve

Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit / Occult Sermon

Days Of The Dead







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