On November 4, 2006, I did a piano/vocal performance of a song cycle developed just for the occasion, "Psychotic."

The concert was recorded for a CD release that has taken almost five years to come to fruition.

Despite its spotted history and inherent flaws, I am beyond proud of this work. It changed the course of my musical journey forever.

Thank you again to everyone that made this possible and everyone who attended. Well, those who stayed until the end.

Psychotic ⒸⓅ 2011

Composed, Performed, and Produced By Paisley Yankolovich

Released: September 7, 2011

Web-Work & CD Photo by Gordon Macaw

Vidiographers: Tony Prince, Eileen Dieterich

Recorded Live at Peter & Wendy's, Frazier Park, CA, November 4, 2006

Mixed & Edited by Don Maloney in Surprise, Arizona


  1. There s A Man (2:48)

  2. Crazy Mind, Lonely Heart (3:50)

  3. Daddy's Gone (2:48)

  4. Scream & Scream Again (4:08)

  5. Psychotic (1:16)

  6. Love Me Forever (3:53)

  7. Desire (3:48)

  8. Burn In Hell (4:28)

  9. Some Other Time (3:06)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks):

The Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, Molle The Animals: Ace, Johnny, Oprah, Sidney

Thanks to Jerry & Eileen, Karen & Ed who stood when others didn't.

Thank you Peter & Wendy Bogdanoff for the experience of a lifetime And to Lois for being the connecting factor!

For Lottie Coleman who taught me to play the piano...

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