This was to be my last collaboration with Weston Burnside, and a partial one at that. After he playfully created the drum loop that was used on my first recording of "Ticket To Ride" I always then wanted to do an entire record of vocals and drum loops. I love the SOUND of this record; bone-crunching, fierce and aggressive. And I love the course it took my music for the following few years.

Leading Horses ⒸⓅ 2008

Composed, Performed, and Produced By Paisley Yankolovich

Released: August 15, 2008

Recorded By Don Maloney Drum editing by Weston Burnside Web-work by Gordon Macaw Recording space provided by Karen Bimber Creepy Choir: Don Maloney & Karen Bimber

CD Photo by Chelsea Yankolovich

CD Art: By Paisley Yankolovich

Songs: 1. Leading Horses (2:28) 2. Ticket To Ride (4:16) 3. The Whole World (2:33) 4. The Sex Song* (4:44) 5. The Spirit Of A Man (Part 1) (2:27) 6. This World Is Not My Home (3:28) 7. Majestic Solid Rock (3:44) 8. This Is My Love (Kisses) (4:04) 9. The Vanity Song (2:56) 10. Fences (2;57) 11. Spirit Of A Man (Part 2) (4:47) 12. Leading Horses (Reprise) (1:01) 13. Lord (3:15)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks)

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost

The Posse: Lois,Cheryl, Larry & Naomi, Jerry & Eileen, Denise & Janet, Karen & Dene

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, Molle, Jonathan & Leo

The Pets: Oprah, Miss Rose, Lou-Lou, Captain Beefheart & Sidney

The Venues: Alternatives, A Shot Of Java, Flights Of Fancy, Soul Invictus, The Secret Place (LOL) & Trinity Lutheran Church

For Spooner: This is my love…

*For Mark Lee, wherever you are

I miss you, Sadie

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