Liberal Souls

I'm beyond thrilled about this return of sorts to my larger earlier productions. I have missed the noise of "Leading Horses" "Burn In Hell," and especially "Love Me Forever." I very much wanted to get back here at least one more time. Much like many a great Italian horror movie, this record is (in most ways) a sequel to "The Liberal Soul" in name only.

Liberal Souls

c/p 2018

Released March 17, 2018

Written, performed, produced, recorded, and designed by Paisley Yankolovich


  1. The Liberal Soul (1:00)

  2. Everything Is Religion (2:22)

  3. Wade In The Water (1:58)

  4. Rising Son (1:59)

  5. Lord Smile On Your People (2:25)

  6. Missionary Man In Hell (1:50)

  7. O Sinnerman (2:14)

  8. You Are The Light (1:11)

  9. Lord (2:12)

  10. Use Me Today (1:28)

  11. Inner Peace (2:23)

  12. Stay With Me (0.52)

  13. The Night Comes (3:43)

  14. Missionary Man (Reprise) (2:13)

  15. You Are The Light (Alternate Version) 3:03

  16. Use Me Today (Alternate Version) 1:50

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks)

The Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, and Molle

The Animals: Ace and Johnny

Special Thanks: Jerry Dieterich, Eileen Dieterich, Ed Wolfe, Craig Walker, Barbara Walker, Michael Frickstad, Diane DiCarlo, Dorothy Buckelew, John Chovan, GianCarlo Espinocilla, and Shaun Klein

For Peyton on her birth due-day.

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