A view of the world way after and just before Christ. I barely performed this piece. I'm glad the record has found a life via downloads on the Internet. It's very close to my heart.


c/p 2013

Released: September 22, 2013

Composed, Performed, and Produced By Paisley Yankolovich

CD Art: Paisley Yankolovich

Recorded by Don Maloney in Surprise, AZ

TYPHOID MARY is set in the time of the Great Tribulation. and The title song, a show tune of sorts, introduces the Antichrist and explains how the world is ripe for his pickings.

The entire record is a series of events and revelations on a very human level from the perspective of people who have no God. It's intentionally hopeless except for brief moments of the human spirit doing its very best to comfort the un-comfortable, as in the song, TRUST ME.

This may be my most God-less record to date.


  1. Cat Scratch Fever (3:11)

  2. Who Are We? (Portion) (:27)

  3. Pretty Ok (3:27)

  4. Zit Face (1:23)

  5. Where Are The Heroes? (2:46)

  6. Hands & Feet (2:23)

  7. Mary Ann's Faithfull (2:10)

  8. Young & Beautiful (3:43)

  9. Typhoid Mary (3:22)

  10. Guilt (3:15)

  11. Trust Me (2:49)

  12. Who Are We? (2:07)

  13. Typhoid Mary (Portion) (:37)

  14. I'd Like to Teach (:38)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks):

The Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, Molle

The Animals: Ace, Johnny, Oprah (RIP)

Special Thanks: Jerry Dieterich, Eileen Dieterich, Ed Wolfe, Lois Waite, Karen Bimber, Craig Walker, Barbara Walker, Bobby Padgett, Troy Farah, Dave Morris, Paulann Egelhoff, Jared Vogel, Jeff Harrell, Michael Bethel, Dorothy Buckelew, Tanya Manus, Hildy Linn, Bob Esty & Jim Rose.

"Mary Ann's Faithfull" for: Danny Glickman, Sean Brown, Mark Smith, Jayne County and, of course, Marianne Faithfull

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