Blow Gabriel Blow

I finally got around to editing live footage and recordings to create TWO records (this and The Broadway Sissy) of songs I was developing for future records just prior to the death of my son. While those records never came to full fruition, there are some great memories here. I'm glad "Slave Boy" and "Years" finally found their home.

Blow Gabriel Blow

c/p 2017

Released June 1, 2017

Written, performed, produced, recorded, and designed by Paisley Yankolovich


  1. Bang A Gong (2:19)

  2. Blow Gabriel Blow (1:52)

  3. Does God Sleep? (2:45)

  4. Dog/Slave (3:55)

  5. Down By The Water (1:39)

  6. Good Night (2:13)

  7. Hell (2:57)

  8. Mary Ann's Faithfull (2:40)

  9. Nobody's Fault (1:59)

  10. Poisonous Banter (2:04)

  11. Real Man (4:27)

  12. Rising Son (1:49)

  13. Sleeping With The Light (2:48)

  14. Suck Off Bully World (1:35)

  15. There's A Man (3:12)

  16. Witch Hunting (1:55)

  17. Years (2:29)

  18. Zit Face (2:33)

  19. Bang A Gong (Alternate Version) (2:17)

  20. Fuck Off Bully World (Uncensored Version) (1:22)

  21. Real Man (Radio Show Performance) (2:50)

  22. Slave Boy (Alternate Version) (1:58)

  23. There's A Man (Alternate Version) (2:05)

  24. Zit Face (Alternate Version) (2:11)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks)

The Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, and Molle

The Animals: Ace and Johnny

Special Thanks: Jerry Dieterich, Eileen Dieterich, Ed Wolfe, Craig Walker, Barbara Walker, Michael Frickstad, Diane DiCarlo, Dorothy Buckelew, Shaun Klein, James Coffman, and especially Eddy Detroit for giving me a place to play.

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