There's a man goin' round taking names...

In a culture that emphasizes “living for the now“, “live each day to its fullest since it may be your last“, and “he who dies with the most toys wins” I’ve always felt a little out of place. As a believer there’s has always been an awareness of an afterlife, the place of heavenly rewards, an eternity with Christ.  I’ve always struggled with the “now” and what pleasures were acceptable in the eyes of God.

So many other missionaries have given up the riches and comforts of this life to give their time, money, energy and love for the cause of leading lost souls to the Lord. Yes, I see myself as a missionary. My friend Weston would refer to me as a “Music Missionary, a Pastor To the World.” And there has been sacrifice aplenty. But no regrets. And it was my choice.

But choices are challenging. Especially when they involve the things in this world that make us feel good. That  is after all where most of us find our sin-the pleasures of life. But there’s a man goin’ ‘round taking names. Yes, we humans are the only animals that live with the recognition that one day we will die. Death lurks around every corner. It touches our life every day whether we know it or not.  We think about it more than we realize and fear it more than we care to admit.

Working backwards from how we choose to spend eternity certainly sheds light on how we might choose to live our lives here on earth. If we actually believe we will spend eternity worshipping the true and living God it makes sense that we’d spend our remaining Earth-lives getting to know Him as much as possible and telling as many people The Good News so at the end of this phase of our journey we can present many souls to our Savior.

Yes, as uncool and un-rockstar-like it is to say, I spend my life praying for opportunity to share my testimony. I’m so proud of my 28 years loving the Lord and even more proud of how He’s loved me. I can feel time closing in and have lost so many people unexpectedly, it seems imperative that I be aggressive with my calling and therefore, with whomever God places in my path.

So watch out! I know that you ARE going to live forever but NOT in that sexy shell you currently inhabit. I KNOW that death has his eye on you and since I don’t know when your time will come, I have to live like there’s no tomorrow and tell you the truth… I love you and want you to be happy and for all of your dreams to come true. But more than that: God loves you and sent Jesus as a provision for your sin and a bridge back to right relationship with Him. Just give Jesus a chance, pray for proof if you must and watch Him move.

It’s THAT easy! And YOU’RE worth it.  Seriously.

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