A smile and a wink...

Such a seductive world we live in. So much at our fingertips. An ever-growing sense of entitlement permeates all of our decisions as we purchase, conquer and consume according to our passions.  I remember when it was funny to see a bumper sticker that read, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” 

Now not so. Not when we can’t pay for those toys. Or our trophy wives. Or our designer babies from Third World nations. Heck, even our designer dogs cost more than we ever imagined.  Jesus stated that our lives consist of more than the possessions we accumulate but we found out too late.

Our economy is not just collapsing, it’s collapsing on us and the stage is being set for social, political and spiritual changes unheard of in the past-except in science fiction flicks or out of the frothing mouth of lunatic preachers on busy street corners.

Well, who’s crazy now?

Look in the mirror. Are you who you expected to be at this stage of life? Look at your family, your friends, your community. Happy? Safe? Hopeful? Saved? Or frightened, empty and doomed? So many of us are living virtual lives via social networks and reality television. We don’t seem to notice the amount of nothing that we do, think, feel and create in the course of a day compared to a decade ago.

Remember hobbies? Sports? Social gatherings? Date night? Reading a good book? How much of your past life’s pleasures have been replaced by computer games, internet browsing and talent or endurance programs on TV?

We know more than ever, experience more of what the world has to offer more than ever and we rarely leave our homes! We’re losing our libraries, our mom and pop novelty stores, bakeries and eateries,  churches, schools, post offices are closing, and it’s just the beginning.

It was never God’s plan for us to be isolated (“It’s not good for man to be alone”) but it is Satan’s. Think about it. The more isolated we become, the more anti-social. The more anti-social we become the more selfish, petty, fearful and paranoid. At that point, it would take very little to cause us to turn on a stranger, a neighbor, friend or family member.

Total anarchy and chaos under our own roof!

Temptation is a funny thing. It looks good at the time and that’s why we pursue it. If we are not growing as a people of spiritual discernment we are becoming slaves to systems not yet revealed.

Victims or victors. Nothing in between.

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