I waited patiently...

I would have a hard time proving that I’ve ever waited patiently for anything but it’s true! There is one thing I can point to as something that I truly gave to the Lord. When I became a Christian at nineteen I was fresh from being in a well-received Hollywood band. Actually, I walked away from the band and the record we recorded because of my new-found recognition of the need for God in my life.

I was ready to take a break from my career pursuits. I’m just not sure it ever dawned on me that it would be decades before God reintroduced me to my first love and make it the very thing that would define my entire life. But that He did. The God who promises to restore all the enemy has ravaged from us put me on an output plan that would have me dropping albums every nine months –like babies!

I remember when it began to dawn on me that I had already passed most of my idols in number of records released and in some case even in number of records owned by fans. What an incredible feeling to realize that my dreams had been realized by an act of God!  As I am getting ready to release my fourteenth (!!!) studio creation I am only humbled by the reality of such an accomplishment.

I’ve spent my entire music ministry being donor-supported yet have managed to raise a family to adulthood and I’m still standing, announcing a new release and preparing for next year’s releases.

I accepted the Lord on His terms. I gave Him the one thing I had to give: everything. I trusted my life, my dreams, my future in His care and did not disappoint. On the contrary. As I was building my new website and had to listen to each song, read each lyric and blog, study each photo and video… I was impressed.

I’ve hit the mark I’ve aimed for more often than not and for the most part I don’t cringe at my “earlier” work. But what I’m most impressed by is the volume of work God and I have produced. As a team  we’ve covered and surpassed countless lifetimes and it’s only half-way finished.

I’m glad that I accepted Christ. I’m gladder that He accepted me and kept my dreams safe for me til they were ready to be fulfilled. If I had to stop today I would admit that I’ve done more than I ever dreamed-even as a kid dancing in front of a mirror pretending to be the lead singer of Foreigner.

Thank God I don’t have to stop. This is just getting fun!

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