The answer to the darkness...

We’re currently experiencing a new plague in this country of rampant teen suicide. A classmate of my kids shot himself the other day and there is nothing but devastation in the wake of this event. I could write paragraph after paragraph citing past experiences of such losses and countless psychological and spiritual concerns and biases.

I won’t bother.

I’m too tired, lost, weak,  and blinded by rage 

Action is all we have left. 


Tell someone you love them. Not me, not someone already knows but someone in your life that might actually be surprised that you are even thinking of them. Sometimes it’s the love and acceptance of one particular person that makes all the difference.

You may change a life. Or save one.



If you are a witness to bullying of any kid (physical, mental, verbal, sexual, spiritual), SPEAK UP! Step in, fight on behalf of another, push zero tolerance and never back down. Is not the human race worth fighting for? How many times have we taken a passive stance and sat idly by?


Our children, God’s children.

Their children, God’s children.

They need us to show them our love by coming to their aid, their defense. It’s exactly what Jesus did and still does in the face of our sin and rebellion. How much more when kids are being victimized.

Friends don’t let friends be bullied.

If you’re my friend you will stand up to this violence.

If you don’t think it’s your place

You are mistaken.


Take a moment to pray for all the people these young lives (and deaths) have affected: family, friends, teachers, coaches, health care providers.. 

Pray with your children. Let them know God loves them and that they deserve the life they were given.

And look into the mirror and remind yourself of the same.

I love you.

This is my hug.

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