I wonder about you...

These are perplexing times, no? So many changes in the world around us via technology, politics, the capacity to express ourselves freely in an on-line setting… Yet I hear so much grumbling about friendship, family, and love. 

The other day a dinner date was frustrated with me when I gave up waiting after 30 minutes of no call/no show when they had a cel phone in their pocket.  Recently  someone criticized my lack of communication when I had only called 3 times, sent 4 emails, 2 texts and  5 Facebook comments.

In a week.

Personally, I fear that our civilization’s divorce mentality (try it, if it doesn’t work…) has permeated every aspect of our beings much like the fast food thought processes.  Whether we know it or not we all seem to be operating under a “I’ll be your friend on a trial basis” level that accentuates the negative behavior of hopefuls. So much so that if there is a legitimate gap in communication there is no room for the benefit of the doubt.

Love dies, families split, friendships end and then the revenge process…

How come so many people get frustrated with me and then wander over to my friends who are not unhappy and get all buddy buddy with them?  How come we betray confidences, send vague, snide emails, or do anything at all? If Jesus commands us to pray for our enemies, where do former friends, family and lovers fall? 

Have we all not failed in a relationship at some point? Why must we play games, spread rumors, talk trash or, my favorite, purposely stay visible to an-ex something or another so that it’s harder for them to heal? 

Because that’s what we do in a D-I-V-O-R-C-E! The daggers come out, the Bible is no longer on the mantle and no rules apply.

A dear friend of mine posted this on Facebook…

In the past, if we wanted to share our woe's, thrills, tragedies or happiness, we would put pen to paper or pick up the telephone. Now, all we have to do is log onto Facebook and the whole world is our sounding board. I have found this place a release, but in truth, in time, a burden. We push the envelope... with this freedom. What a thrill to put a monumental moment of ones life out there in a flash. The truth is, we do have our private lives, loves, dislikes and tragedies that in a fleeting moment, though Facebook, becomes any persons tea time. In my opinion and through my own personal experience, we must harness that freedom or we pay the price. As much as we may feel a part of others’ personal and private lives here on Facebook, we need to see there are always boundaries. We must respect the privacy of others. Respect those as you would want others to respect your privacy. Boundaries are a good thing. Without them, we lose reality. We can't lose ourselves. Not on Facebook, not ever. xxxx

Well said, CC!

All relationships have a beginning, middle and an end but in whatever stage they are in, there’s no excuse to ignore the fact that these are people God truly loves, sent Jesus for and has never given you or me permission to think otherwise. On the contrary, the more troubled someone is the more they need Him.

And us.

I’m convinced that if someone sets themselves against me, God will fight my battles. (Read Psalm 2) So much so, that while this happens so frequently in a public setting, I rarely throw punches. Throughout my life I have seen accidents, financial hardship, illness and the like settle upon my self-proclaimed enemies, stuff I wouldn’t wish upon them but saw the hand of God nonetheless.

It’s humbling that I serve an aggressive God. There is no room for vengeance in my heart. He sees to that. If we cannot love and respect His people out of choice or desire, we should do it out of obedience. If we still cannot muster up some spiritual affection, maybe good old-fashioned fear of recompense from On High might work.

No matter what, we need to stop the divorcing, the backbiting, the manipulating, the game-playing, the fundamentalism and the threats-stated or implied. Last week I got notice that a man who had called me up and threatened to KILL me had died in his sleep.

 Forgive me if I exhale.

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