There's pounding, pounding in my head...

Our thoughts.
Friend or foe?

A friend of mine has posted on his Facebook, “Perception is everything.” I wish it read, “Perception is the enemy” as I am convinced that when we confuse perception with truth, Truth vanishes. Then there are those who subscribe to, “My Perception =My Truth.” That may be correct but again, the necessity to voice, share and convince others of “our truth” is more often than not a seizure of ego.

Of course we need to communicate our needs and feelings but he buck cannot stop there. Paul admonishes us to cast down our vain imaginations (thoughts, perceptions, wishful thinking) and take every thought (which leads to perceptions, wishful thinking, rationalization, justification) into captivity and that we are to have the mind of Christ (meditating only on Truth not our revisionist version of it).

No wonder there’s so much noise! There’s a war going on in our skulls. A million ideas travel between our ears daily and we spend our waking hours sifting through “truths” trying to discern their origin. That’s right, origin. Our thoughts, every one of them come either from our flesh, God or Satan. Two out of three possible sources want only to confuse and separate us from the third.

I’ve found some people to see this revelation as negative, that we rarely have control of our thoughts until we take control of them. It’s clearly biblical and therefore true. So is, “Know the truth and the truth shall se t you free” and “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

How refreshing it is to know that if we challenge every thought to determine its origin, eventually the influence of Satan in our lives will diminish as will the battle with our flesh. While we can never be rid of the evil one and (even worse) our dreadful evil nature, we can gradually but aggressively crucify our flesh to reach a point where we are quick to recognize the subtle attacks of manipulation by our adversary and the preparation for sin that our nature seeks.

As believers we should be noticing an improvement in our daily walk when it comes to the influence of evil. As children of the True and Living God we should be aware that His voice is ever-growing in our lives, our heads. And, God willing, the pounding is gradually becoming the still, sweet, nurturing pulse of love, enlightenment, encouragement, peace and discernment, a constant reminder of our communion with Him.

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