On DOWN...

Towards the end of 2013 I realized I had some big decisions to make about my ministry-especially my music. I was getting ready to release a compilation (20 songs from 20 records) of the past decade in 2014. It was very clear to me that I had to decide what the next decade would look like musically.  I’m exceedingly proud of and grateful for what I’ve done but, I’ve DONE it.

Contemporary Christian Music has never appealed to me and I was at a loss of how to convey Christ in my music after releasing so many songs, records and videos. I wasn’t sure if I could continue “wowing” anyone-especially myself. I seriously considered quitting music with the DECADE album. After all, while I’ve never seen any real money or overwhelming fame, I have succeeded in moving over 3,000,000 records-not too shabby for an indie artist.

Instead, suddenly, I felt unexpected inspiration. THREE records worth! I’ve always worked in threes, giving myself two more chances to be satisfied in a particular genre/style/theme. I wrote and gathered material for “Helltones,” “Fat & Nasty” and “Broadway Sissy,” the three records I planned to record in rapid succession so that I could have new material to perform at shows. There are several YouTube videos from performances featuring these songs ADVERTSING the upcoming albums!

Horrifying loss put an end to the dreams these albums were providing me and I was more convinced than ever that I was finished.

Two years later… I’m not so sure.

I’m still performing and ministering and my music downloads are at an all-time high. I would hate to consider my new record a comeback-I did “Long Way To Paradise” last year which I’m extremely proud of-but I’m on the verge of releasing my first studio record since 2014’s HOTTER THAN YOUR MAMMA which I had actually recorded in 2013 along with SONGS FROM THE LAKE OF FIRE.

DOWN is dark, dirty, uncompromising and ultimately hopeless. It is not a Gospel album but it is created by a Christian. A Christian who has to begin a decade-long journey of music/theater/film presentation somewhere. I’ve chosen the bottom.

The bottom is a place where very little light is welcome. Not because it is not wanted or needed but because the truly broken, no, destroyed victims of unbearable loss can only handle small increments of light at a time.  Longtime followers of my work should not be surprised by this choice or its sometime crude, challenging or seemingly-profane results.

DOWN (and my upcoming, tentatively-titled, SLAVE BOY IN HELL) contain many of the songs lost from 2013 and some new surprises. I then plan to record the audio performance and create the film of, FORCED WITNESS, concerning the loss of my dear son. I expect to return to more obviously Gospel music soon. Maybe I’ll finally do the 2 follow-ups to THE LIBERAL SOUL to make up for this dark period. (Wink.)

I’m not abandoning anything-certainly not Jesus. I’m merely creating from an honest place without any judgment upon myself or what comes out of me. I hope, no, expect my friends and fans to support me in this. I’m seriously doing my best with what I have to work with. That’s all we can expect from any artist, man, or minister.

DOWN will be available for free download on my website beginning March 6, 2016.

“Hard” copies will be available at my performances.

DOWN contains explicit language and dark themes.

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