On The Religious Freedom Act

I, Paisley Yankolovich  have a relationship with Jesus Christ. There is no religion in my life, therefore I need no Religious Freedom. I am called by my Master to be a servant and slave to all. Therefore, what one looks like, what one smells like, what god one worships (or what devil) and who they choose to love has NO BEARING on how I am called to love, serve and minister to them anyway the Lord makes able.


If anyone claims to be my brother or sister in Christ know this: I am called to hold YOU accountable to the God you claim to serve. Jesus said, "Why say you love me and not do as I say?" Hippocrates! Homophobes! Hatemongers! Cowards! Love your neighbor (i.e. EVERYONE on the planet) as yourself or stop claiming Jesus as your Lord! There is no gray area here.


People are living and dying without knowing the infinite love of our God because of people like YOU. REPENT! Stop what you are doing immediately and reach out to someone, make a phone call, leave your home and find someone who has been wronged by this madness and TELL THEM GOD LOVES THEM AS IS for that is the TRUTH!!!


Those who already know and live this love for all humans, please join me not only in prayer but in SPEAKING THE TRUTH whenever needed. The world needs to see that we are not all the same, that some of us actually know Jesus and are filled with a Spirit of love-not fear, hate, and madness.

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