So Many Nights I Sit By My Window

As I see everyone posting on Facebook etc about gratitude I would first like to say that I’m grateful to all the wonderful people who have TRULY reached out to my family and me during this horrendous year of pain and confusion. You have made a world of difference and I hope I have let you all know individually. If not, write me private and allow me that privilege.

That having been said… I know far too many “Christians”  and “Christian Ministers” to not feel remiss if I failed to point out that Jesus said that if you visit, call, text, email, Facebook someone who is hungry, sick, thirsty, in prison or in any kind of pain or struggle… Uhg! Do I really have to spell this out?

As I approach the one year anniversary of my son’s death, I can hold my tongue (finger?) no longer. Shame on you “Christians” who think it’s enough to “like” a post on the internet. That’s not ministry unto Christ by HIS standards. And how many of you promised to keep in touch? How many promised to visit? How many ministers/pastors promised to council me and didn’t even bother returning my calls, emails or Facebook messages? Where did you expect me to turn after I turned to you and you ignored me? YOU PROMISED TO BE THERE FOR ME!

Yes, God got me thus far. Yes, I’ve had wonderful support from the above mentioned. I am writing this, not for vindication, but because if this is how you’ve treated me and mine in our anguish, it is indicative of how you are treating others.

And again, I say, shame on you. And repent! React all you want to my diatribe but it doesn’t change the truth… It’s the holiday season and many of us are suffering and alone. Where are God’s people? Not only when we need them but when we actually request them?


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