Draw your ear near...

After a lifetime of being misunderstood I begin this blog by saying that I sadly expect to be misunderstood here.  So much so that I plan to ignore most (if not all) of the emails I will be receiving on this one. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And it is MY blog after all, no?

That being said, my experience with God may be better than the one you are having.

For the past 30+ years that I have known, loved, served, followed and represented for the Lord, I have never once doubted His identity as God Incarnate, Savior, Lord and the only way not only to the Father but to eternal life with the Father via repentance from past sin and acceptance of Him being The Only Way.

Yet, in my ministry I keep coming across a particular kind of “Christian.” Well, two kids, actually.

The Ex-Christian: Someone either raised in the church or who stumbled onto Jesus at some point. Someone who had a bad experience in the church, or with Christians, or with God Himself (“my Tongues don’t work”). Someone who is now a Pagan, Wiccan, Satanist, Metaphysician or Buddhist. Someone who has no intention of returning to Christianity but really likes what I do (?) and wants to be around it. (Again, ?)

The New Age Christian: Quite possibly the person above or… Someone who has decided that Christianity is too limited and has explored other religions, sciences and spiritual paths for further enlightenment. They used to pray exclusively but now they believe their thoughts have power and they “know” about energy and the Universe.  These people also seem to like what I do but rarely get too close as they know where I stand on Metaphysics-and all other religions, sciences and spiritual paths.

To the Ex-Christian I ask, was it ever about Jesus or just fitting into a group? Did you ever know the forgiveness and acceptance of God, and if so, how on earth did you walk away from that? To the New Age Christian I ask the above and… Was Jesus simply not enough? Was he merely a stepping stone to a higher plane of consciousness? Does it matter that He said that the buck ends with Him and adding or subtracting to that is an abomination?

Haters go ahead and hate but you exercise your free speech all over the place and this is my platform. It has my name on it and it comes with an advisory label: Actual Christian Within.

How could anyone meet my Jesus and stray? How could anyone who knows my God be distracted or tempted down other paths? How could anyone who knows what it FEELS like to be saved, turn my Savior into a master teacher of really good things? I’m convinced that it is an impossibility and I challenge all to look within themselves and prove me otherwise.

Did you need forgiveness from God then and do you need it now? I do.

Did you need to be saved and were you saved? Yes, and I was.

Did your heart break with an understanding of who Jesus was and how much you had betrayed Him and followed other Gods? Mine did.

Did you receive His provision of salvation and promise to His face that you would serve only Him and no other Gods? I did.

Did you read in His Word that all of these things should be common in the Christian experience? I did.

Do you know people who have done all of the above and never strayed? I do and I am one of those people.

How were you tempted to walk away?

How were you tempted to add concepts and ideals that were not of God?

What is the Truth today?

Did it change over the years?

Did God?

Am I making you angry by coming across holier than thou, arrogant, judgmental or simple?

I would never forsake my God for anything or anyone, nor would I add any “truth” or re-invent the wheel that is His word. I met Him, fell in love with Him and have clung to Him ever since without the aid of alternative religions, sciences or paths. And I have never considered going elsewhere with my heart.

But I know what it means to be lost and what it means to be found.

I’ve known and will always know salvation.

I don’t want light or energy or self love, I want Jesus.

Jesus created the universe so it’s nothing compared to Him.

There is no power in heaven or on earth greater than His.

There is no higher power, greater light or energy whatsoever.

I find no fault in Him.

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