Leading horses, one by one...

I know, we’re usually referred to as sheep and the horse thing is left to the alleged stubborn among us-”You can lead a horse to water…” But don’t we tend to be more like the horse who thinks drinking is overrated than the sweet, docile, obedient sheep Jesus addressed?

More often than not, I’m afraid. In fact, I am convinced we are lovingly lead by the Holy Spirit to perfect pastures of encouragement, education and edification but we simply choose to ignore them. Our flesh and its inherent sin rebels to such a degree that  we starve ourselves blessings, peace, hope, joy, power and fellowship with Jesus.

I hate when a whole day goes by and I have not bothered to pray. To think of the level of commitment I’ve made to God and yet I mange to completely forget that He is there is sadly ironic and supremely pathetic.

Don’t follow me, I’m lost too,

I hate when a whole day goes by and I don’t take a peek at my Bible. Jesus emphasized the needed sustenance of God’s word and I preach the stuff yet even still I’m distracted by “other things.” Shame on me!

I don’t think anything I say or do causes me to question the validity of my love for Jesus than my outright avoidance of Him. And I’m not alone. While we sit around and wonder why “they” don’t ever call. (Our lovers, our kids, the job we’re hoping to get, etc…) do we ever consider what it’ like to be God?

Talk about sitting around waiting for “them” to call! What a cruel fate to create man and be at his mercy for love and attention.

How about a simple solution. How about stopping what we’re doing right now and check in with The Big Guy. We can make it an impromptu holiday of sorts.  Let’s make this a Father’s Day and contact our daddy in heaven, wash ourselves in His word, bask in His presence and create some system to remind ourselves to do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and…

What could be sweeter than that?

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