I think I'm gonna be sad...

An Austrian weightlifter

Became an American movie star

Married into political royalty

Became Governor of California

Became a spokesperson for morality

Fought to control legislature

Won a few battles for his cause

Finished his term

Is going through a very public divorce

I think I’m gonna be sad


I think I’m gonna be sad

I was working as an actor

On a film with a huge movie star

A weightlifter from Austria

A recently married guy

Who couldn’t leave the girls alone

Even got their phone numbers


His wife was so pretty

And her family was political royalty

Everybody knew what he was doing

And said nothing

I think I’m gonna be sick


I think I’m gonna be sick

We give a man a voice

And the freedom to use it

He speaks out against queers

He speaks out against minorities

He speaks out against anyone who uses the system

But he uses it just fine

And there was talk about changing the constitution for him!

So he could be our fearless leader!

I think I’m gonna be sick


And sad

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