This world is not my home...

I remember when I was growing up how convinced I was that I would have the same best friends for the rest of my life. Several years later, I can’t get any of those guys to even talk to me on-line!  I look back and think of all the things I thought were permanent that weren’t… the house I grew up in, my mother, our dog, Empress, teachers I went back to visit who had aged so much that I barely recognized them ( and them me), favorite haunts, my first car, my friends from the church I was saved at…

In the past 28 years of walking with the Lord I‘ve seen countless deaths, divorces (including my own), dissolution of churches, businesses, friendships. A visit to my home town proved devastatingly sad. So much had changed that I didn’t even recognize the place I had spent the majority of my youth!

Yet though all of this, through all these years, Jesus has remained a constant. So much so that I always feel that HE’S my home, my place of refuge, my place to decompress and come back to the fight stronger and at the ready. I am convinced that it is not by faith that I live in Him but in actuality. WE travel this life together, taking up space, borrowing the gifts this life has to offer but this is a sandbox that I will grow out of someday, only to be replaced by younger others that will (hopefully) be learning to appreciate what is not forever.

Jesus is forever. And He is now. I may sleep in a bed but I rest in Him. I may eat many of the wonderful treats that God and humans have prepared but I am fed by Him. I have a roof over my head but I am protected by Him. I have a nifty car but He transports me to where He needs me.

Throughout  the years I have known  great loves but when they pass and before the next one arrives, He loves me unconditionally. I do not have to jump through hoops to get His approval, attention or acceptance. When I bask in the pleasures of human kindness it’s only a glimpse of the adoration He feels and the gifts He bestows. He has created me human to relate to all things human but I am fulfilled in Him and ultimately Him alone.

The rest is just gravy.

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