There's a pain inside my heart...

In retrospect, Does God Sleep was one of my more evangelical efforts. While not really intended, there seems to be a heart-felt plea for acceptance and acceptance of Christ that threads some of my most challenging works together. In Wasted Time I actually update themes from What A Friend We Have In Jesus in that the piece (co-written by Leaha McGillivray) points out our needless suffering in light of a readily available Savior.

This is one of my saddest songs. At least it’s sad for me. The guy in the piece (me) is observing the world around him and recognizing all the Lonely People. Quite often the role of boisterous preacher (me again) is actually one of tongue-tied observance. Trust me, I always have something to say-just not always someone to say it to.  You see, sometimes we only get one chance to earn a second chance with people so restraint is key.

And that brand of restraint stings. I want to laugh, cry, jump for joy, shout and scream but sometimes all I’m allowed is a nod or a smile or a quick word. How frustrating! I can’t even imagine how it feels to be Jesus!  He’s the voice of God in our lives and yet He’s silenced continually. He stands at the door and knocks and we say “No solicitors.” Maybe we’ll receive a blessing here and there, maybe we’re willing to catch a glimpse of Light… But when is the fullness of Christ realized in our lives?

So much time is wasted on worry, fear, indecision, doubt and anger. So much energy is wasted on reaching for brass rings that may not even exist. But what a friend we have in Jesus. So patient, so consistent (persistent?) and ready to meet us where we choose. He is Lord but we lord that over Him and one day we realize we’re not young any more and our dreams have disappointed us and we are facing the Great Unknown.

Ah, how easy it is then to preach the Gospel to folks-when they are through with this life and they are scared about what comes after. How sad it is to see people meet Jesus with such great joy to watch regret seep into their beings as they realize an entire life has passed without the knowledge of Him or His purposes for them.

Wasted, wasted time indeed.

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