We shouldn't be so lonely with Jesus by our side...

Fundamentally obvious and ridiculous at the same time. Sure, if we are the people who believe than we know we have everything we need in Him but not only were we created to need the company of humans most of us walk around with a lot of head knowledge of the presence of God without experiencing much of it. This concerns me because as I am one week away from my 28th year in Christ I cannot remember a time where His presence was not obvious and, if you’ll forgive me, a wee bit aggressive. Yup, all of this, "The Holy Spirit is a gentleman" stuff has rarely fitted in my picture.

And this concerns me as well. If I'm bragging in my blog about the awesome, never-ceasing presence of Christ in my life (a) Why do I still stumble around as if I were living in the dark? (b) Why do I feel so isolated mast of the time? and (c) Why don't I take advantage of His availability more often? I know the answers point to me. I'm flesh, always will be and flesh, no mater how spoiled by His goodness will always fight with Him, rebel against Him and worst of all, tire of Him.

"You get tired of the Lord Paisley?" HA! Look who's talking! In my younger years I worked in an ice cream store and a pizza place, two places where one is asked constantly "How much ice cream/pizza do you eat?" I'd hear the pat answer, "I’ve been here so long that I don’t ever eat it, I'm so tired of it." Never was the case with me. I could eat ice cream all day every day for years and pizza's the same. Yet most people tend to lose interest (passion, respect) for that which is available to them freely and daily. Could that be why our marriages are in the condition they are?

Actress Susan Sarandon recently stated that the reason she never married longtime companion Tim Robbins (together 27 years) was a fear of taking one another for grated-something that occurred anyway. It's not the institution that's the problem it's its participants. We claim companionship yet trample over it once it arrives-spouses, kids, God...

I regret the times I did not spend with lovers, my kids and especially God being that I've always been pretty good with mates, sometimes good with kids but I have a lot to learn about basking in the presence of the Almighty. I know He is with me always and freely indulge in that Blessed Assurance but how often am I actually with Him? I've said often how fortunate I feel that I do performances 5 nights a week because it forces me to focus solely on Him for 2 hours a night. I get my prayer time, Bible time and worship time all handled at work-so to speak.

This is also why I work so much. By having shows 5 nights a week I create a place for others to spend more actual time with God as well. Sort of like good home cooking. We live in a lazy, unhealthy, fast-food society that's only going to decrease in substance, quality and worth. At least 5 nights a week there's something wholesome, healthy and (hopefully) satisfying a-cookin' over at The Secret Place.

We shouldn't be so lonely with Jesus by our side. But we are. So let's remind one another that He's here, that we're here and that something great is about to happen.