Was God sleeping the night my baby died...?.

So many of us have suffered such loss in our lives that it’s hard to imagine that any loving God could sit idly by and not intervene and prevent our tragedies. Family, friends, mentors, children, lovers, heck, even house pets point an angry finger at The Almighty when there is sudden loss or lingering agony.

Personally, having suffered all of the above at one point or another, I can attest to the overwhelming, comforting presence of my Lord thought the struggles and sorrows of this life. I can also admit to the temptation to challenge His reasoning, behavior and fairness as well. In the end it is the sad truth that all things live and die at some point and it is our selfish, childish and all-too-human perspective that allows us to think we own anything when it is indeed on loan.

That doesn’t change the fact that as long as we have out flesh we have out emotions and it’s virtually impossible for us to not build attachments. When these bonds are challenged and ultimately severed it is unbearably painful and there is no solution but to heal. Gradually. If at all.

So where is God in all of this? The same place He was before and will be after: everywhere. Everywhere we need Him, everywhere we seek Him and everywhere we ignore Him. Our love ones are going to die. We have sin to thank for that. God did not create death. We did. We cannot always know why things go as they do, why He allows such suffering or unnecessary loss but we can be certain that HE does.

If I interject here that death is our constant reminder of God and the need to tell others the Good News, someone will think me insensitive and take offense. But if death is not good for reminding us of the purpose of this life (to find God, know God, love God so we’re ready for an eternity with God) , then what is it good for?

Nothing? I don’t think so, no. If that were the case then we are mere victims locked in our prospective cages waiting for our number to be drawn. Speaking for myself, I’ll be victim no more. Sure I fear death-mine, yours, theirs-but I worship a just, loving God who takes every fallen, ugly piece of this world and redeems it for His glory.

You bet death has its place. Sadly it will one day be at the same place we have arrived. Death teaches us to value our time and to find the answers to this life-it’s meaning, purpose and what comes after. Death rushes us into the arms of a waiting, loving God who experienced it first hand when He gave us Christ.

I think God was awake the night His baby died so He could comfort me from the place and truth of experience when I lost mine.

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