I know one day I'll be home...

Christians talk about “going home” perpetually. It’s the most commonly recognized and understood foundation of our faith: Because we have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior we will go to Heaven when we die. Heck, isn’t this why we became Christians in the first place?

That’s how most people view us, folks and I for one am ashamed. It’s called Fire Insurance. “Yup, I ‘purchased’ my Get Out Of Hell  Free Card when I said some version of  The Sinner’s Prayer back in summer camp when I was twelve.”

Wow, I accepted the Lord over 28 years ago. What have I done for 28 years? Do I sit around and wait to die so I can get my heavenly reward? HELL no. Call me a heretic but I rarely sit and ponder the afterlife and when I do, I usually spook myself because I know what has to happen between now and when I get there.  Nope, I take advantage of my heavenly reward here and now by cultivating a relationship with Him who purchased my Fire Insurance with His sacrifice on my behalf.

It’s kinda like the nine months before a baby is born. We talk to him or her as if they were in the room because they are. Well folks, I’m in the Throne Room, I walk in the heavenlies and Jesus is forever beside me-not by faith but in actuality. We want our newborns to recognize our voices so we speak to them, sing to them, pray for them…

Jesus and I will have already met and have gotten to know one another when that day comes and I leave this oft times frustrating shell. Until then, He talks to me, sings to me and prays for me. Every second of every day to be exact. So many times I have beaten myself up for the fact that I don’t pray more, that I don’t acknowledge Him more yet, do we expect that from our unborn young?

Of course not. It’s our job to reach that little child that has yet to see light and love in its entirety . Yes, we are not infants but we are trapped in a dark place, we are at the mercy of a Father who lovingly sustains us-not by our actions or merits but solely based on the value He places on us. One day we will be “birthed” from this miserable world into the world that God dwells and we will be His children, being home-schooled by The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit and all of the heavenly hosts.

Ahhh… but it’s great to be a baby. Nestled safely in a womb where dreams have yet to become expectations and that gentle voice we here is that of Perfection, our Savior who knows no guile, cannot reject and is waiting patiently for the day we are physically in His presence.

Until then, I’ll close my eyes, hear His voice, feel His presence and somehow, someway my spirit will commune with Him, my Jesus, the closest, most apparent, most obviously present friend, brother, father, mother and companion I have ever known.

Heaven can wait.

I have so much work to do on earth. Not groveling to get the attention of an invisible god but sharing the love, stories, experiences and testimonies I’ve gathered throughout these years so that many can come to know Him as I have.

Unborn babies bring hope. Undead Christians bring life.

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