Dripping blood in a bathtub late at night with your baby...

I wrote the song “Burn In Hell” back in the 80s upon hearing about the death of friends. It was a double-suicide committed by men who had discovered they were HIV-Positive back in the day when there was no hope.  Devastated, angry and terrified, I set my feelings to words and music, hardly knowing that almost 20 years later I would resurrect the song for a record. 

Recording “Burn In  Hell” (the song) was exciting but painful. I was also well aware at the irony of a Christian song that seemingly condemned people to the very thing we Evangelicals are trying to save folks from.  Leave it to me to see the irony and casually ignore the controversy it will certainly arouse.

It’s funny. Recently my dad, somewhat estranged and to this date never been to a Paisley performance, called me on the phone to discuss a concern. Someone had emailed him a YouTube link of me performing “Burn In Hell” live. Aside from noting that I had gained weight (Thanks, Dad) he said the whole presentation was quite disturbing. “You were dancing around in a Moo-Moo telling everyone to go to Hell! What kind of Christian music is this?”  I must add that, again at this time, he is not a Christian.

Art and perception are dangerous bedfellows.  That which we do not comprehend, we embellish. In doing so we become the so-called artist, painting over the work of others and it becomes our word against theirs.

My song is about loss, futility, helplessness and, ultimately, great love and passion. Not only do I not condemn anyone to an eternity of actual torture (despite screaming, “May you burn in Hell for eons and eons”) , I offer myself as a sacrifice to give these boys-whom I loved dearly-another chance at life and Life Everlasting.

The song is a nihilistic vision of the deaths of two nihilists as seen through the eyes of a former nihilist who has found Salvation.

And I never wore a moo moo.

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