Tonight I feel so devastated...

Ah, yes Valentine’s Day.

Or should I say, Singles Awareness Day?

I’m figuring that a lot of people who will read this are, like me, single.

And alone tonight.


This one’s for you.


If you are happy or even content

Praise God for that gift.


If you are still suffering the pain of a break-up

I pray that God heals your heart

And allows you to walk proud and live without cynicism

Toward your next mate

Only carrying the wisdom of hard lessons learned.


If your life’s great love has passed on

I pray you nothing but beautiful memories to sustain you

Through the loneliest of times.

And if you so desire

I pray God brings your next mate soon.

Certainly in time for Valentine’s Day 2013.


And if you have never known the madness that is falling in love

Shamelessly losing all control of your dignity

With sweats and stammers and countless “Why did I say that?” moments

Only soothed by true love’s first kiss


I pray for you most of all

For while the Bible tells us that two are better than one,

Barbra Streisand may have said it best



“You know why people fall in love?

‘Cause it feels @#$%-ing incredible”


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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