Dishes break, tantrums thrown...

I remember in my temper in my younger years.  As much as I hate to admit it, I was a plate-thrower on occasion. That anger would swell up inside me to a boiling rage and whatever I could grab to throw and break always seemed to make me feel much better.

After years of such silliness, I finally got tired of cleaning up my messes, learned how to communicate even under the worst of situations and purchased plastic ware. Now I’m cured!

I’ve known a lot of dish-breaking, tantrum-throwing people in my day. Even (if not especially) Christians! Hey, we’re under a lot of pressure and I understand that but do we have to break things? Seriously!

Since the dawn of the Internet, I’ve seen a huge shift in where all that rage goes.  The keyboard being mightier than the sword, many have taken to voicing their negative positions on-line.  I’ll post things on Facebook  and it will sometimes be only the Christians who respond with heartless, judgmental  or even ill-inspired sexual comments, almost like they are lying in wait, looking to and fro seeking who the, looking to and fro seeking who the can devour with their rancid “tongues.”

Recently, I posted a heart-felt request for prayer which I also emailed to everyone on my “blast” list. It dealt with a sweet man facing the possibility of losing an arm to a rare form of cancer. While I had countless of amazing responses-people committing to prayer, additions to prayer walls and chains-for which I’m truly grateful.  As expected, many were silent.  That’s totally expected as some people like to pray in private. I know I do at times, so God bless you guys too.

It was when the handful of silent Christians made their voice known in regards to comment I made about Whitney Houston-specifically that she cut her own life short and that God may have had another 48 years planned for her- that I decided to respond.

I think it’s too easy to pick a fight nowadays. All we have to do is comment on a status update or fire off an email and judging from the amount of thoughtless, one-sided comments and responses I get from the same sources, I am convinced that there is no love, support or encouragement in them whatsoever but an over- abundance of self-importance and free time.  Anyone who knows (and loves) me knows that I answer to a Very High Authority and have nothing but humbled respect for my platform. They also know that I have wicked-good discernment when it comes to the voice of God coming from the mouth of His people or just destructive, self-serving flesh.

We need to stop attacking our own. We do not battle flesh and blood but powers and principalities. Then we do we keep shoving our opinions onto others? Kinda ironic, since that’s what this blog is, huh?

I receive countless blogs from friends all over the world. I read them with an understanding that there may be something that speaks directly to me, or indirectly by my disagreement with it or not at all. But blogs are like sermons and I would never stand up at your church and argue with your sermon. If I didn’t like what you said, I’d dismiss it. If I couldn’t shake it, maybe I’d contact you BUT IN A HUMBLE, MEEK, SOUL-SAVING FASHION. (I noticed that in the Bible somewhere)

My blogs aren’t the problem, just the example here. I read what people write everywhere and Christians have to set a standard of ,“if you don’t have anything nice to say…” more than anyone. Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers” and He was right! People need to see us diffuse volatile situations, not set fire to them.

Me personally, I know what I’m called to say and I know who I am accountable to and it’s not people who trickle through and tell me what’s wrong with me or my ministry, yet show no visible support or friendship. And I know what a bully is and I have a zero tolerance for such behavior. If you are doing it to me, you are doing it to others and to you I say, REPENT!

Of find a plate to break.

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