I saw the tub crash through the window...

You know the old one about the baby and the bathwater? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Don’t throw the Baby Jesus out with the bath water” in reference to the profoundly embarrassing actions and behavior if some so-called Christians.

And here we are again…

It seems that every day some “Christian” group is emailing another “Christian” group “factual” emails about banning, boycotting or protesting something or someone that poses a threat to the American Christian Way Of Life.  Jane Fonda pops up a lot, as does Obama, Bill Maher and practically anything that even hints of the so-labeled Gay Agenda.

Last night someone asked me what I thought about the “Corpus Christi” movie opening in June. It had been so long that I thought of this “movie” that I had to be reminded what it was. Back in the late 90s, Terrence McNally wrote a play called “Corpus Christi.” It was the Passion Play as seen through the eyes and experiences of a gay Jesus and His gay apostles.

Obviously it was controversial.  It was also beautiful, creative and thought-provoking about the nature and purpose of Christianity.  No wild orgies, just an alternative perspective not unlike if we saw Native Americans, space aliens or, heck, The Peanuts Gang acting out this historical event.  Of course there was poetic license because that’s what it was: poetry.

Everyone has the right to explore, experience, question and act out the Passion Play, no? What a wonderful way for people to discover its power and majesty!

Now there is an email circulating that a film version of this piece is opening soon at a multi-plex near you and all Christians must boycott it! Like this is ever going to play at a mall, lol! In fact, there is no film version being released, as there is no film being made. This same email circulated in 2010 (the exact same email, down to the release month) after it had already circulated a year before!

The problem runs deeper than busybody “Christians” having nothing better to do with their time than to send out bogus, unsubstantiated emails. People are writing and redistributing lies! These lies are nothing more than gossip that has become virtual hate crimes! Think of all the people that are harmed in this exchange…

Starting with God who sent Jesus to put an end to this division…

The person writing it is harming themselves and is responsible for… The persons reading it are stumbled and harm themselves when they succumb to the lies and temptation to redistribute hate and they are responsible for… Future recipients who do all of the above harm themselves and are responsible for… And the beat goes on.

How “Christians” think they have any right to picket, protest, debate and demand anything in this life is beyond me. There is no Bible to support it and there is plenty Bible to challenge it. But to fire off an email of this sort… Heck, to not be hurt, offended and scared at reading such an email…

I challenge that Jesus even lives in you if it makes sense to perpetuate hate crimes of this nature.

Jesus would never have stopped so low.

But this is where Satan lives and breathes.

I was disgusted during election time and what “Christians” were saying about “their” America. And I am disgusted now. If any of my “friends” send, re-send, post or repost virtual hate attacks on ANYONE you can rest assured I will challenge our friendship.

If I’m not going to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, I’m certainly not going to be unequally yoked with hatemongers, bigots, liars, fakes who CLAIM to be my brothers and sisters in Christ. You people are deceived and may want to turn off your computers, put down your cell phones and crack open the ole King James Bible and READ EVERYTHING JESUS EVER SAID.

You are the authors and perfectors of your own judgment as you judge, bully and crucify in the name of our Lord. Shame on you! How can the rest of us reveal a loving, accepting, go-to-the-end-of-the-world-to find-you Savior when our comrades are proving Him otherwise to a dying world?


Let’s pray…

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