Donna Summer RIP

Donna Summer and I became Christians around the same time and place. But she was so famous that she was whisked away by church leaders and taught what to say to the out-of-control press (think: cult experience) especially regarding AIDS being the judgment of God on homosexuals.

She immediately regretted it but was "handled" by her "handlers" not to know how bad a mess she had made at a SINGLE press interview. As soon as she could she dealt with it much to the chagrin of the church and over the years never tired in her efforts to fight AIDS and support human freedoms.

She was not a perfect person, maybe not a great person, but to many a great talent who was in the spotlight at what should have been a very private time of life. Many were hurt by this yet I am convinced that there was no malice involved and her regret for her actions had very little to do with her concern for record sales.

I watched her struggle with this for the rest of her life and pray that people would ultimately forgive her-not rewrite her history-but just forgive her. It would be a blessing of solace to people like me who are truly saddened by her loss.

My prayers go out to her family, friends and fans.

Here is a link to my mini tribute to Donna Summer.

I adored her. She gave me a reason to learn how to dance.

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